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Posted on 24/08/2016 by Charlotte

By now you should all have heard about Office 365 – it’s been around quite a while. In fact, we’ve talked out it and some of its cool hidden features before. You might have even looked at all of the tools and features and decided to give it a go. But there are still businesses out there who aren’t sure how switching to Office 365 could benefit them. Let us clear this up for you – Office 365 can help your employees work together in new and efficient ways, utilising new tools for productivity and embracing a new way of working. Still not sure? Here are a few pros of using Office 365 in your business.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

With the modern workforce constantly on the move and the workplace embracing flexible working systems, the need to access central information from remote locations is greater than ever. With Office 365, as long as you have an Internet connection you are good to go. It provides web-based access to email, central document storage, contacts, calendars and more on almost any device from desktops to smartphones. With the ability to simply log in and update a sales document from the field, or upload your expenses for your accounts department even when you aren’t at the office, 365 is a massive leap forward in the world of mobile working. Microsoft is improving the features and accessibility all the time, and it integrates seamlessly with tools you are already using – such as Work, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


Control And Security

Microsoft understands that IT teams like to know exactly what is going on within their systems at all times – the better to catch errors before they become catastrophic. That’s why Microsoft has gone out their way to create an unprecedented level of control for network administrators. Admins will have intuitive control over every aspect of the system, making it easy for them to add new employees, manage storage and intercept issues quickly. As an added bonus, Microsoft takes on all the responsibility for security and reliability when using their software, freeing up your IT team to focus on the rest of the business. The benefits of having backups in the cloud are well known, so anything using Office 365 will be stored off-site and in the cloud to ensure that, should the worst happen, your business will be back on its feet in no time.


Get Organised 

Meetings, emails, contact management, documentation – all of these are important parts of everyday life in a business. They can also take a lot of time and are easy to get wrong. When you use Office 365, emails, calendars and contacts are all synchronised across the business to work together. If a client tells you in a meeting that they have changed their phone number, you can update it on your phone and it will be automatically updated across all of your synced devices. Need to check a document on the road? As long as you have an Internet connection that’s not a problem. Have a lot of notes after an important meeting? Easily turn notes into calendar entries or to-do list tasks. The list goes on. Making use of the tools included in the software helps you get organised and makes you more productive.


And of course, Office 365 removes the stress of licensing individual machines and employees. Instead, your subscription includes all licensing and can be easily deployed and upgraded companywide by your network admin with one click. If you have any questions about Office 365 or would like a trial to see the benefits for yourself, get in touch with our team today. 

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