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Software Resale

Software Resale

At All Your Computers we know it's not just the hardware you use that helps your business run smoothly. That's why we also supply and install a wide range of software to get your systems up and running and keep them that way. Our software products include various anti-virus solutions, backup storage systems, file replication software and even packages like Office 365all for a low-cost monthly subscription starting from as little as £3 per computer per month (+VAT).

Anti-virus Software

All Your Computers are proud resellers and confident users of Trend Micro-antivirus, the perfect anti-virus solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Our Trend Micro anti-virus solutions are ideal for businesses with between 2 and 250 computers and limited time to manage their own anti-virus protocols. There are many options available within the Trend Micro family, including:
  • Worry-free business security
  • Hosted email security
  • SafeSync for business
  • OfficeScan Suite including Data Loss Prevention Modules
  • Select support

We are fully trained and experienced in the installation, configuration and ongoing use of all of these products, and are happy to go through your options with you in a free consultation.

Backup Software

Backing up your files is one thing that all business know they should do, but a surprising amount don't get around to it. Unfortunately not having a secure backup of your data in place can leave you at serious risk of data loss or even full business shutdown if the worst should happen. That's why All Your Computers offers a full range of backup and file replication software solutions all tailored to suit your business needs. Simply select your ideal backup type, destination and frequency and we can provide you with a solution that does exactly that - you will never regret the small outlay of setting up backups - after all it's a small price to pay for peace of mind and business security.

Office 365

Most businesses use similar tools when it comes to word processing, collaboration and PowerPoint software - but none is more prevalent than Office 365. As licensed Office 365 resellers we can supply, install and configure the full package so that you are up and running with the best packages out there. For more information, visit our Office 365 page.
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