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  • Posted on June, 24 2014 by admin Tue, 06/24/14 - 09:47
    Passwords, Passwords, Passwords
    It really has to be said with the growth of the internet and “cloud technology” has left us with an increasing number of passwords and trying to choose and remember good ones can be a total nightmare. The chances are that you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of an increasing range of online re...
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    Posted on August, 28 2015 by Charlotte Fri, 08/28/15 - 15:00
    Why Security Patching Is More Than Just A Bandage
    Updates can be the bane of your life sometimes. They pop up on your phone, tablet and computer and demand to be installed. Sometimes this means restarting your device, which is just another annoyance, and sometimes (particularly with phones) they seem to do more harm than good. This opinion has st...
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    Posted on September, 23 2015 by Charlotte Wed, 09/23/15 - 12:00
    The Problem With Dropbox Security
    When we think about remote file sharing, there are usually one or 2 of the big brands that pop into our heads. While these systems might be great for sharing some holiday snaps or managing budget spreadsheets for the home, there are some serious concerns when it comes to security from a business p...
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    Posted on October, 14 2015 by Charlotte Wed, 10/14/15 - 13:00
    A Beginners Guide To Crafting A Secure Password
    It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so we wanted to talk a bit about passwords this month. No matter where you go online, you will find a hundred different rules for creating a secure password. With MailChimp for example, you have to use punctuation in your passwords, with Gmail yo...
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    Posted on April, 20 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 04/20/16 - 10:00
    What Exactly Is Malware?
    Whenever we talk about security you will usually see us throwing the term malware around. But what exactly do we mean by malware? The official definition of the term ‘malware’ is the general term for software which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. Its fu...
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    Posted on April, 06 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 04/06/16 - 12:00
    Why You Need A Human Involved In Your IT
    The Internet of Things is a wonderful concept. But as itnews pointed out a few weeks ago, it’s ...
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    Posted on May, 11 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 05/11/16 - 12:00
    A Guide To Protecting Against Malware
    Last month we started our epic journey into the world of malware by looking at what exactly malware is. We talked about the types of malware and what they do to your computer if they find their way in. All in all, it was a bit of a scary post. So in this on...
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    Posted on May, 25 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 05/25/16 - 10:00
    Cleaning Up Your Malware Infected Computer The Easy Way
    It’s the final post in our malware extravaganza this month, and this one is designed to help you out should the worst happen. You turn on your computer one day and discover it is infected with malware. This could be a lock out virus, a Trojan that could steal your data or a worm that has lef...
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    Posted on July, 13 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 07/13/16 - 12:00
    Android User? Be Aware!
    You might have seen the slightly terrifying headline from the BBC proclaiming that up to 10 million android phones have been infected with a particularly nasty kind of malware. The malware (christened ‘HummingBad’) generates f...
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    Posted on September, 14 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 09/14/16 - 10:24
    5 Basic IT Policies Your Business Needs
    Does your business use a computer or the Internet? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes! Pretty much every business out there now uses technology in some form or another, and yet there are thousands of businesses out there who still do not have any IT policies in place to prote...
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    Posted on October, 12 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 10/12/16 - 12:00
    Why Security Matters - TalkTalk’s Big Mistakes
    It’s not been a good month for communications giant TalkTalk. You might remember the incident last year, when TalkTalk lost hundreds of thousands of customer records and data to hackers who took advantage of their lax security measures. But that wasn’t the end of it, as TalkTalk custom...
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    Posted on October, 26 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 10/26/16 - 12:00
    As long as there have been businesses, there have been insurances. In today’s market being insured is an absolute essential, but the degree of coverage and type of insurance can change depending on your field. But now that cybercrime and digital theft are becoming such a prevalent problem, a...
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    Posted on November, 09 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 11/09/16 - 13:00
    New Strain Of Ransomware Threatens Business Users
    We’ve talked before about a particularly nasty strain of malware know as ransomware – a programme that ‘locks’ your files and only allows access once you pay a fee. Ransomware is very difficult to detect and get rid of, and paying it usually won’t work either – ...
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    Posted on November, 23 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 11/23/16 - 12:00
    IT’s Biggest Downfall – People
    Way back in April (I know, it’s a fair way back to remember) we wrote about the importance of having a human involved in your IT. This came off the back of 2 disaster stories at the time – some printers in the US that started sp...
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    Posted on December, 07 2016 by Charlotte Wed, 12/07/16 - 11:22
    Secure Cloud Storage – Your Issues And Options
    Security is a bit of a hot button topic this year, with lots of high profile businesses falling prey to hacking of their drives and servers. But all businesses have data to store, so what do you use? Cloud storage is now a go-to option for most businesses, as it offers a built in backup for disast...
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    Posted on January, 25 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 01/25/17 - 10:00
    Lloyds Left Shaken After DOS Attack
    If you’re a Lloyds customer, you may have noticed a few issues with your online banking around 2 weeks ago. Think back. Maybe it was a bit slow logging on, or possibly you weren’t able to access it at all, instead being told to try again later. Well, the good news is it wasn’t an...
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    Posted on April, 12 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 04/12/17 - 12:00
    Three Words Business Owners Need To Watch Out For
    Meet Betty. Betty works in the finance department of Teapots Inc., and is responsible for managing payments to their suppliers. Last Tuesday she received an email from his boss, saying that a new supplier needed paying urgently to help secure a very important teapot contract. The su...
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    Posted on April, 26 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 04/26/17 - 12:00
    The Broken Record – Security Patches
    Ok, so this might be a topic we’ve covered before (just a few times)! But it is a message that bears repeating, not least because there has been an excellent example of why users need to install security and software update patches when they come out. We know they can be a nuisance, and they...
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    Posted on May, 10 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 05/10/17 - 12:46
    Google Docs Breach Causes Chaos
    Earlier this month, Google sent users into shock when it reported that a phishing scam had been targeting their users. The emails were sent out to millions of users, claiming to be from Google itself and doing a very good impression of the emails automatically generated by Google when someone shar...
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    Posted on May, 24 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 05/24/17 - 12:00
    Let’s Talk About The NHS
    Ok, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon here, but only because it’s an important thing to address. But let the record show, I feel like I’ve been writing way too much about high profile cyber security breaches recently. The recent ransomware attack on the NHS has stirred up quite ...
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    Posted on October, 11 2017 by Charlotte Wed, 10/11/17 - 10:51
    Getting Your IT Ready For GDPR
    By now most business owners worth their salt have heard about the new GDPR. The really savvy ones might have even started putting measures in place to get ready for it. Sadly, most of the businesses who fell into that last category are the ‘big businesses’. You know, the ones who have ...
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