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Posted on 14/12/2016 by Charlotte

Wow, where did 2016 go! It seems like only yesterday we were writing up our predictions for where the tech world would go in 2016, and yet here we are on the brink of another new year. So, to match our post from around this time last year, we wanted to revisit the tech trends to rule 2016 (maybe), and see if any of them came true.


The Hyper Connected World


So the first 2015 tech trend we predicted that the Internet of Things would start to make a very big mark on the world. More and more home and work connectivity devices would start emerging, and we would be able to interact with our environments in a whole new way. Sure enough, we’ve seen smart heating, hands free, voice activated home entertainment, and alarm clocks that make your morning coffee - you can even answer your door when you’re not in thanks to this video doorbell app. New devices and apps are being brought out every day to connect you with your environment and make life easier. This has, as we predicted, caused more than a few security issues, with some high-profile data breaches and crashes. However, Google and other corporations have plans in the works to make it more secure and keep building a connected world. This trend is by no means over, and we’ll likely see it continued into 2017 as well.


Adaptive Security


2016 was another year of high profile data breaches, leaks and hacks, highlighting the fundamental flaws in many businesses cyber security. From TalkTalk loosing countless thousands of customer data when their servers were hacked to the development of a new strain of malware that published files online instead of deleting them, cyber security has been a huge concern for businesses and individuals this year.  Adaptive security has been developing fast, with more companies recognising the need for a flexible model that accommodates multiple moving parts and keeps everything secure from all angles. Bigger companies have been spending the year implementing such solutions, and now even small businesses are starting to realise they need to do the same.


The Robots Are Coming


We’re very proud of this prediction, because it hit the nail right on the head. Just look at these 5 examples of commercial and military robotics developed in 2016. We’ve got jumping monkey robots, robots checking passports, robots performing gymnastics and robots helping to design and construct buildings. Scientists are even working on a generation of robots who can learn and teach each other, without human help. In September of this year, robotics expert James Lovelock predicted that by the end of this century, robots will have taken over the world. Sensational, maybe, but he’s not wrong.


So there you have it, the truth behind our tech trend predictions from last year, with a mixed bag of results. Each prediction has made some significant headway, and progress looks to continue into next year and beyond. For more information about technology trends and what we think will happen in 2017, or to get some advice about your own security and connectivity, get in touch with us today.

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