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Posted on 25/10/2017 by Charlotte

Earlier this month, Google once again sent waves through the tech world at their Made By Google event. We saw a lot of new products for the very first time, from a complete revamp of the Pixel phone to a tiny clip on camera that uses Ai to take perfect photos for you. And as dedicated techies, we were of course tuning in live for every second. So without further ado, here’s a roundup of all the snazzy new things Googlehas in store.


Fully Integrated AI


Not technically new gear, but still a huge milestone. AI was reflected in everything Google announced at this event. All of their hardware now integrates seamlessly with the Google Assistant. This not only shows a fully future focussed approach to technology, but also reflects CEo Sunder Pichais’ statements that Google wants computers to adapt to the way people live their lives, and not the other way around. This goes hand in hand with their new advancements into learning machines, which are themselves built by learning machines, in some sort of inception-style scenario.


Google Home Mini


The younger sibling to the Google Home unit, the Google Home Mini is Google’s answer to the Echo Dot. The mini unit is tiny, with a much smaller price tag of £49 to match. It comes equipped with all the functionality of the standard Google Home, lights and sensors hidden under the top fabric, a 360 degree speaker and comes in coral, chalk and charcoal colours.


Google Home Max


From little to large, Google also announced the Google Home’s big brother. Designed specifically for music lovers, the Max features self-adjusting speakers that are 20 times louder than the standard Google Home, ensuring premium sound quality no matter where it’s placed. The smart speakers can also adjust for ambient noise, time of day and type of media, and will fully support Bluetooth and stereo auxiliary inputs, along with casting.


Nest Integration


Google also announced it’s partnership with Nest to produce a new line of video products that are fully integrated with Google Assistant. Using this integration, Google Home users can ask the assistant who is at the front door, cast live video to the nearest screen and even paid with Nest’s new video doorbell ‘Hello’.



An all new Pixelbook is on its way to market too, and it looks to be a huge improvement on the original. It will run on Chrome OS, have complete support for Google Play and will be capable of running a wide range of Android Apps. Not only that, but it will also include a fully rotatable keyboard so that it can be converted into a tablet, and instant tethering means it can instantly pair top your Pixel phone when Wi-Fi is unavailable. It’s also set to be the thinnest, lightest laptop on the market at 10mm thick and 1kg in weight. The Pixelbook also boasts a 12.3” touchscreen, 10 hour battery use, lightning charging and full integration with the new Wacom powered Pixelbook pen. The only downside is the price – at £999 this is not a budget buy, but it definitely looks worth the investment.


The Pixel 2


Another long awaited update is the Pixel 2 and 2+. Google’s next generation of smartphone features full HD OLED displays, IP67 standard screens for  repelling water and dust, and pack front facing stereo speakers. But they have also jumped on the Apple train and removed the headphone jack – sorry! But to make up for that there are some neat contextual features, like ambient song recognition (which can passively identify songs playing in the background and display their information on screen), a burst collating camera that provides the best quality images on the market, and a high quality ‘always on’ display.


Pixel Buds


This is the feature that’s really got everyone buzzing. Google’s Pixel bugs are wireless Bluetooth headphones that pair with Pixel devices. They feature touch controls that allow you to pause, change tracks and access Google Assistant without reaching for your phone. But more impressively, they can also enable real-time in ear translation of 40 different languages simply by touching the right earbud as someone speaks. It’s like the first iteration of the Babel Fish. How cool is that?!


Google Clips


Finally, Google are living up to their promise of taking users away from behind the camera with Clips. This tiny clip on camera uses machine learning and AI to decide when to take the best photos throughout your day. These are taken as short videos, which can be saved as motion photos or a single frame image. To ensure the privacy of its users, no images will be transmitted or moved from the physical device until the user decides to do it.


And there you have it! There are some hugely exciting products in this line up, all of which are due to hit the shelves before the year is out. If you want to find out more about the line-up and what we think about the business applications of this tech, get in touch with us today

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