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Posted on 09/03/2016 by Charlotte

When we usually talk about backups, we talk about how important it is to back up all of that essential and valuable business data to a secure space and locking it away so that it’s safe should ever need it. For the most part, people are fairly good at backing up their computers, but the same cannot be said for their phones. It’s astounding how many people leave it months without backing up their phone. Just imagine loosing all of that data, all because you forgot to plug your phone into your computer and hit ‘backup’. After chatting to quite a few people it became clear that there was 1 main reason that people weren’t as vigilant about backing up their phones as they were with their computers. They didn’t think they would ever need to restore from a backup. To clear this up, here are just a few (certainly not all) of the reasons you might need to access your phone backups.



With new technologies developing so rapidly, new models of phone are being brought out on a fairly regular basis. If you’re someone who always has to have the latest model of IPhone, or has a contract that allows you to change handsets whenever you like, this means you will be upgrading your handset frequently. Every time you upgrade, you will be left with one fresh, gleaming handset that is completely blank and an older one that has all of your data on it. How do you get all of your data from point A to point B? Restore your new phone from a recent backup. Gone are the days of having to type in each number and transfer it manually, we can now have a new phone up and running in minutes. But if it’s not a recent backup, you could end up having to reinstall or uninstall a bunch of applications and risk losing some of your more recent documents and data.


Theft Or Loss

This more or less follow the same pattern as upgrading, but it’s nowhere near as nice. When you upgrade your phone you have notice, so you can backup your old phone before you go to collect your new one, making sure all of your data will be current and intact. If you lose your phone, or worse have it stolen from you, you have no warning at all. You will need to get a new phone if your old one isn’t or can’t be recovered, leaving you in a sticky position. If you haven’t backed up your phone in a long time (or at all), you have effectively lost everything on that phone and have to start from scratch. For some that could just mean a convenient cull of phone numbers, but for most of us this would be devastating – precious memories and photographs, in app purchases, app data and current documents. Anything that isn’t included in the automatic essential information backup would be lost without a hope of recovery if you don’t have a recent phone backup.


Device Failure

As amazing as modern technologies and designs are, they have yet to invent a phone that will last forever. If you like to hang onto a phone for a long time, or if you’re just a bit clumsy, you could face a sudden and unexpected loss of data. All devices will fail sometime, but it’s a bit like a game of Russian roulette trying to figure out when. After all, not all devices show signs that they are dying, some just go quietly. As yourself, if your phone suddenly packed it in and stopped working right now, what would you do? Panic is probably up there, along with pressing all the buttons to try and coax it back to life. But when you give up and buy yourself a new model, will you be able to pick up where you left off, or will there be some hard work and little loss involved?


We all like to think we will never need our backups and in an ideal world we wouldn’t, but they wouldn’t exist if we didn’t need them from time to time. If you’re unsure about how to back up your phone or just want to know more, get in touch for more information. 

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