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Posted on 24/02/2016 by Charlotte

At All Your Computers we are big advocates of Office 365 for business. If you use Office yourself, you’ve probably had it for a while now. If you haven’t, why not? It’s a little different from normal cloud based software, as this is cloud software that you also install onto your computer, giving you the best of both worlds. But it’s quite a big bit of software, and it can take some time to go through and find all the features and functionality. So this month we want to share with you our 5 favourite things you probably didn’t know Office 365 could do.


Multiple People Can Edit At Once

Are you tired of endlessly pinging documents around for edits? We were! Because Office 365 is cloud based, it can use these cloud technologies to allow multiple people to all work on a document at the same time in Word, PowerPoint of Excel. The functionality is actually pretty slick, and you can see the changes to each document as they’re being made by other people. This means no more emailing attachments round and trying to decipher track changes from 6 people – everyone can just pile in at once! This feature is also available within Google Apps, but it’s not quite as integrated if you’re already using 365.


Turn Notes Into Calendar Events

We’ve all been in that meeting. The one that’s an hour long and you come away with a to do list a mile long. The problem with that is you then have to go away and figure out when to do all of those things on your list. Now, you can use Microsoft’s note taking tool, OneNote, within Microsoft Outlook to take notes during your meetings. That way when you write your to do list, you can easily convert it into a set of tasks with deadlines and reminders in your calendar without having to input anything. You can also email your notes directly and add details quickly. It’s the perfect little addition to your meetings that makes your life so much easier.


Let Bing Find Your Presentation Images

Ok, so this one is only in preview mode at the moment, but it’s still pretty cool. Instead of doing an old fashioned PowerPoint presentation full of the first stock images you found, you can now try out Microsoft’s new cloud based presentation software. It’s called Sway. One of the best things about Sway is that they have made PowerPoint function and appear a bit more like Prezi, and they have integrated it with Bing image search. As you’re writing, Bing will read your presentation and suggest some images it thinks might be relevant to the words you’re using. The more words you add (that includes notes too), the more refined the Bing search gets. Never settle for a boring presentation again!


Teach your Inbox To Be Smart

Scary question coming up – how full is your inbox right now? Pretty full right? And how much of that is Spam? Despite having a folder for it, spam can sometimes worm its way into your inbox as well. But Microsoft (and Google) are trying  to help their email browsers learn to filter out your important emails from less important and spam mail. Microsoft’s version of this is called Clutter. Clutter takes any and all rules you have set up for your inbox and actually uses them. You can then train it to understand what you don’t want to see in your inbox by marking it as clutter. It will then start to move less important messages into the clutter folder for you to read or delete later on. How amazing would it be to actually have a smart mailbox that understood your email preferences?  


Turn Your Mouse Into A Laser Pointer

No, we don’t mean just turn your USB mouse upside down. Instead of buying a laser pointer, you can just use your mouse icon as a fake one. It couldn’t be easier. You just tell PowerPoint (and Sway when it launches) to change the mouse icon to a little red dot, and there you have it. This isn’t a new feature for Office 365, as this has been around for a while (it’s even on the IPad versions now), but it’s something a lot of people don’t know about. For an IPad, all you need to do is hold your finger or stylus on the screen and a fake laser pointer will turn up.


We’d love to hear if you have any Office 365 tricks, so please leave them in the comments below! If you’re interested in switching to Office 365 and would like some help, get in touch with All your Computers today for your free consultation

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