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Posted on 26/07/2017 by Charlotte

When you’re a small business owner, you tend to keep a very tight handle on the purse strings while focussing on doing what you do best. But when you’re so consumed with doing the job, planning for your business can often fall by the wayside. One of the most common elements that we see small business owners neglecting is IT and cyber security, either because they don’t have the time, the resources or the knowledge to do it themselves. That’s why we recommend working with an external IT support company like us. But what are the benefits of small business IT support?


Cost Reduction


It might sound odd to say that hiring in an external IT support company will be a cost reduction, but in the long term, it will be. You see, managing any IT infrastructure can feel like you’re constantly fire-fighting, battling with problems and buying new equipment. And as a business owner, doing that yourself can take up an awful lot of time. By hiring an external IT support company, you can free up your time to spend going out and winning more business, which almost pays for the IT support in its own right. On top of that, an external IT support company can help reduce your hardware costs as well, by extending the life of your current machinery and advising you on the best new hardware to buy, so you’re never wasting your money on things that won’t work.


On-Site Support


With many ‘technical support’ aspects of business, you will find yourself talking to someone in a completely different time zone to you, trying to diagnose what can be a very complex problem based on what limited information you can give them. This can lead to all sorts of problems and waste a lot of your time, and sometimes not even get to the bottom of the problem. But a local IT support business that works with small businesses can offer you on –site, same day support that brings genuine answers. Because we can be on site with you, witnessing the problem and how our solutions affect it, we are able to provide a truly tailored service that can solve your problems on the same day.


Emergency Help


Of course, if you find yourself in the middle of an IT crisis, you need someone on your speed dial. Unless you are in the IT business yourself, most IT emergencies require a helping hand from an expert. But rather than calling your second cousin who you think maybe works with computers, why not call an IT support guru? We can be on site with you quickly, or over the phone dealing with your problem and guiding you to a solution. Think of us as your ghostbusters – always on call when you’re faced with ghostly IT emergencies.


Future Proofing, Planning And Protection


And finally, we can help you plan for the expansion and future protection of your business. With our expertise, we can help you design a backup system and business continuity plan that means your business will still be standing even if the worst should happen. We can help you build robust and future proof systems that can withstand rapid growth. Our knowledge can help guide the growth of your business through applications and processes that help boost your productivity and prevent all of those teething problems growing businesses suffer with technology. Simply put, we are ideally placed to help you plan and future proof your business.


At All Your Computers, we specialise in providing tailored, personal service to small businesses in the south of England. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the issues you face on a day to day basis and have spent years learning the best ways to prevent them. For more information, or to just have a chat about your IT support or business needs, get in touch today.

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